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Why I am so patient with the school nurse

Why I am so patient with the school nurse!

It is super important to have a good relationship with the school nurse! Especially when your child need medication and monitoring through out the day.
I think back to when my son was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I think of how over whelmed I was when my husband and I were getting a crash course in his care. The Drs and hospital staff were so patient and kind. That made such a huge difference!


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Now your child is going back to school. His care during school hours is in the hands of the school nurse. Yes, they are educated! Yes, they do know how to care for your child but chances are they have either never had a child with T1D or they haven't had one in a long time! You are basically giving them a refresher course on your child's care! So if they need to call you often, don't get discouraged! Be patient! They want to make sure they are giving your child the best care they can and who knows the child better then any one? You do! It is important to be one the same page to ensure your child is getting the best care when they are in school! After all, we all want what is best for our children! I am so grateful for the school nurses! They all have been wonderful in caring for my son and for that, I thank each and every one!!

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