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Glucose monitor showing the past 12 hours

Ugh the frustration! All night my baby's blood sugar was high. It doesn't seem to want to come down!He woke up this morning with a belly ache so I checked his keytones and sure enough he has between a trace and small amount of keytones. I gave a correction dose of insulin and pushed him to drink water. His sugar came down a little bit but not below 250. Still has keytones. I am really hoping to avoid the ER today.

On days like today he gets stuck so much and I hate it! I hate sticking him at all, all though he is a trooper through it all. I don't think any mother out there enjoys poking their child with needles repeatedly, but it must be done.

I kept him home to monitor him and give him the care he needs. He isn't complaining though. I don't think he is the least bit upset about missing  school today. It is only the first time this year, but sadly I know there will be more.  If he had it his way he wouldn't go at all.

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