Why I am so patient with the school nurse
The dr said there'd be days like this!!

Questions and statements every T1D parent hates

I love that people are genuinely concerned with my sons health! I love when they show they are interested in learning more about his disease. With that said, there are a few things people ask and say that I can't stand.

I hate when people ask me how he is doing. I don't hate it because they asked. I hate it because I don't know how to answer. I will usually say he is "ok" but what I really want to say is he woke up this morning. He is as good as he will ever be. His blood sugar is a constant struggle that he will have to deal with his entire life. It is not a day by day disease it is a minute by minute/ hour by hour.  He will go from low to high and vise versa in a moments notice. Everything affects his blood sugar levels and I mean EVERYTHING from diet, exercise, stress and sickness.

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Oh, so you just give him insulin and he is ok? No...Insulin is not a cure! It is what he needs to survive. Without it he will die. Too much of it and he will die.


Did he get it because he ate too much sugar?  The answer to that is no! He got it because his immune system went haywire and attacked his beta cells in his pancreas that produce his insulin. This is why type 1 diabetes is known as a autoimmune disease.

He will outgrow it!! No he will not grow out of it! The only way he will ever get rid of it is if a cure is found. Hopefully, that happens in his life time.

He can't eat sweets? Yes he can eat whatever he wants. He just has to make sure he gets enough insulin to cover the carbohydrates for whatever he eats.

So he only gets one shot and it will last him all day? No it is not a 1 shot daily disease. He has to receive a shot for every meal, snack and high blood sugar. That can be up to 8 shots daily. Not to mention, up 10 finger sticks to check his blood sugar a day.

Why don't you get him the pump? I would love to have him on the pump! He doesn't want it. He goes through enough in a day so I will not force it!

This disease sucks but we manage! I am not saying not to ask me questions, by all means ask away. I will be happy to educate you on this but don't be surprised if the answers I give you are more then you wanted to know. If you really don't want to know then please don't ask!

Thanks for reading!


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