Continuous Glucose Monitoring

The Day Our Lives Changed Forever

Ever have one of those moments when you know some thing just isn't right but
can't get the professionals to listen to you? That was me... For nearly 3
months! My son had gotten sick in October of 2014 with a virus/fever that lasted for 9 days.

This is Nathan after his virus on picture day at school


After that he just wasn't the same! He was constantly sick and
always tired. I knew some thing was wrong. Here was a kid that was always
active, never slept and was completely healthy before this. I had taken him to
several doctors and always got the same answer... "Well he is in school now and
exposed to all kinds of germs. It's normal". If he wasn't around school aged
children since birth and in the day care setting since 2 years old I would have bought this answer, but we have already gone through this phase. Come the week before Christmas he came down with the flu. On day 5 I took him to the ER because he looked dehydrated and I could see he lost weight.

Here he is at the ER getting fluids


He was constantly drinking and peeing so I didn't understand how he was dehydrate but he was. The nurse at the ER said his breath smelled fruity. Now I started putting it all together. They ran test gave fluids and said he had the flu. They sent us home to wait it out!

Waiting to go home



Christmas Day he was so out of it he didn't remember opening his gifts.

Christmas 2014


I knew this was more than the flu. The day after Christmas I took him back to the doctor and she agreed it wasn't the flu so off to the children's hospital we went! He was in bad shape. They took us right back asked questions, started IV lines and started tests right away! My baby was a type 1 diabetic. He was in diabetic ketoacidosis. He was dying! His blood sugar was 775. He was 6 years old. Thankfully we got him there when we did.

In the PICU




Feeling better



They started his treatment and we got a crash course in his care. We were terrified that we were going to screw it up but here we are 9 months later and he is doing great.

Celebrating his 7th birthday


So what I have learned through all this? I learned to trust your instincts. You know your child
better then any doctor. If you feel something isn't right, demand answers! Requests test and most of all NEVER GIVE UP! One simple finger stick could have prevented the diabetic ketoacidosis! Please know the signs. You never know who's life you will save.


Thanks for reading!


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